Föräldramötet is a web application for promoting the communication between teachers and parents in the during preschool and primary education.

The reason why I got involved with such and "odd" project is that during my final term at the Mid Swedish University in early 2005 me and my good friend Thomas Stridh where approached by a teacher and a representative from the Municipality of Sundsvall.

At the time there has recently been two reports written on the subject of communication between teachers and parents citing that it was major contributing factor in the performance of children during preschool and primary education.

The municipality of Sundsvall wanted to see if was possible to improve the communication using a web application and so the trip began.

Me and Thomas ended up writing our final essay at the Mid Swedish University on this subject and we also developed a prototype of how the system could look like.

This caught the interest of several parties and in the autumn of 2005 we where given the chance to futrher develop this concept thanks to a joint venture between Mid Swedish University, The municipality of Sundsvall, Åkroken Science Park and Steria.

The result of this was a successful web application named "Föräldramötet" which rougly translates to "The Parent Teacher Meeting".

 The application has been in use in the municipality of Sundsvall since 2005, primarily by the preschool system and it currently has over 5000 users.

I am still involved in the development of Föräldramötet but I now manage it under the Dragon Open Source Foundation which I founded together with a part of the initial team behind the joint venture that lead to Föräldramötet.

Since version 2.0 Föräldramötet is now based on the OpenHierarchy framework.