JExecDaemon is a small platform independent Java based TCP/IP daemon that is used to safely execute programs on remote servers and get the output that these programs write to standard out (stdout) and error out (stderr).


To make the remote executing safe JExecDaemon uses a simple XML configuration file where processes are mapped to a specific address and a port. When a connection is received on the given port JExecDaemon executes the configured command without taking any input from the caller for safety reasons. The output from the process (standard out and error out) is streamed back to the caller.


I created JExecDaemon after being inspired by the HDDTemp utility for Linux used to retrieve drive temperatures. The HDDTemp utility can be daemonized and then allows HDD temperatures to be retrieved using simple TCP/IP plain text communication which greatly simplifies remote monitoring of HDD temperatures. I liked this idea but was unable to find utilities for monitoring CPU temperatures, disk space, services etc. with a simple TCP/IP interface.

Using JExecDaemon any program that writes its output to standard out and/or error out can be turned into a TCP/IP daemon.

For more information about the features of JExecDaemon head over to the documentation section.