Unlogic Movie Converter

This is a small program (actually a frontend for VirtualDubMod) I made to convert video files, primarily for PDA's such as Palm, Ipaq, Smartphones etc...but the program is very flexible and it should support pretty much any device capable of playing AVI video files encoded with the XviD codec.

Please note that I stopped working on this project in mid 2005 when I sold my Palm Tungsten T3 PDA. The source code is available under the GPLv2 license incase anyone wants to continue working on the project.

The reason why I decided to code this program was due to the lack of decent programs to easily convert multiple video files so that they would be suitable for viewing on the Palm Tungsten T3 PDA I used to own. There where alot of programs who could actually do this but many of them where rather complicated others where very buggy and some where both!

I quickly found out that a program called ViritualDubMod could convert video files so that they played really nice on my Palm Tungsten T3 with stunning quality using the XviD codec for the video compression and Mp3 for the sound. Although this program had one big downside, it was very complicated and it took over 20 mouse clicks just to convert a single video file!

After trying a whole bunch of other programs that didn't even come close to the output quality of ViritualDubMod I deicded to take action. Inspired by the simplicity of Kinoma Producer I decided to make a graphical frontend for ViritualDubMod using Visual Basic 6. I knew Visual Basic wasn't the fastest programming language out there but since ViritualDubMod basicly was going to do all the work I accepted that since Visual Basic was very easy to work with when it came to creating graphical user interfaces.

During the development of the application I used the PDA forums over at to get some feedback from other people since the whole idea of the application was to make the process of converting videos easier. I owe a big thanks to all the people who contributed by submitting bugs and coming up with improvements etc. The threads on the Brighand forum about Unlogic Movie converter are still online, here is a list to a few of them:

Anyway enough talk, here is some screenshots of what I accomplished:

Screenshot of Unlogic Movie Converter

The user interface is made with simplicity in mind, once you have come up with a profile that suits your device you shouldn't have to touch the settings ever again...

Screenshot of Unlogic Movie Converter

Screenshot of Unlogic Movie Converter

Screenshot of Unlogic Movie Converter