Subversion repository & tools

The OpenIcons Subversion repository can be found at following address:


The repository contains a Eclipse Java project which includes SVG files for all the icons and some Java based tools described below.


A simple Java application which uses the command line functionality of InkScape to generate PNG files in various sizes for all SVG files in the project.


Another simple Java application that generates "index files" files (basically a PNG containing all available icons) from the PNG files generated by the SVGConverter application.

An example of how an "index file" looks can be seen at the bottom of this page.


Both SVGConverter and IndexMaker read their configuration from a simple configuration file called "config.xml". A sample of this file called "config.xml.template" is available in the repository.


SVGConverter and IndexMaker uses a few utility classes from the StandardUtils project which needs to be checked out into the workspace in order for these tools to compile. StandardUtils is available from the following Subversion repository: