Download Unlogic Movie Converter

Version Date Installer Changelog Source Code
1.0.3 13/2-2005 UnLoGiC_Movie_Converter.msi Changelog.txt Source.rar
1.0.2 29/1-2005 UnLoGiC_Movie_Converter.msi Not available Source.rar
1.0.1 27/1-2005 UnLoGiC_Movie_Converter.msi Not available Source.rar
1.0.0 26/1-2005 UnLoGiC_Movie_Converter.msi Not available Source.rar
Design test 3 25/12-2004 Package.exe Not available
Design test 2 23/12-2004 Not available Not available Not available
Design test 1 22/12-2004 Not available Not available

 Please note that you need to have the XviD video codec installed in order to convert videos. The XviD codec can be downloaded here

To encode .VOB files from DVD's you need to have the AC-3 ACM Decompressor by fccHandler Codec installed The AC-3 ACM Decompressor Codec can be downloaded here

Sometimes UMC requires a Mpeg-2 codec to be installed in order for UMC to properly detect the resolution of .VOB files. This codec can be downloaded here

You may also need to download the Fraunhoffer MPEG-Layer 3 codec to encode the audio, Google for wma8_redist.exe